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Petroleum Resin C5

Petroleum Resin C 5


Softening Point(℃)
Acid Value(KOH mg/g)
Color (Ga)
Melt Viscosity(200℃)cps
Test Upon Clients request
Iodine Value( mgBr/100g)
Test Upon Clients request

1. Road marking paint: It can improve on the brightness, bonding, water and weather-resistance and may perfection for the dispersing and drying of any pigments.

2. Rubber: It goes compatible with both natural and synthetic rubber and characterized as adhesive, softening and reinforcement, it functions as an ideal for manufacturing of tyres and processing of any rubbers.

3. Adhesive: It is compatible well with high polymerization based substances, and is characteristic of excellent and stable bonding and heat resistance and changes retardant with both time and temperature.
Other application: It is also widely used in fields of oil ink, paper bonding, sealant etc.

Package: 25kg net in plastic wove bag

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